Jonathan and Deborah Fiddy

Pastor | Worship Leader

Jonathan and Deborah Moved to Pembrokeshire in 2001, and started Emmanuel Gospel Church in 2003. Jonathan was converted to Christianity in 1975 at a Don Double meeting. On hearing a clear gospel message, he responded and had a life transforming encounter with God. He says “On hearing and responding to the Gospel, suddenly the things I had heard of Jesus made the journey from my head to my heart”
During His time at Wisley Horticultural College in 1980, God spoke to him of his calling, and particularly highlighted the last words of Marks gospel, with the command to lay hands upon the sick. It was following this that miracles began to happen.
Jonathan pastored in Fleet, Hampshire from 1986 to 2000, and together with his wife, Debbie, founded the church here in 2003. During theses years, he has been involved in much outreach ministry, and seen many come to know God in a personal way. He has preached all over the UK, in Europe, and Asia.
Jonathan Is passionate about the simple truth’s of the gospel, and desires to spread this message of truth as far as God enables.
Deborah became a Christian in the late 1980’s at an outreach run by her now husband, Jonathan. Since then, praise and worship has been a driving force in her walk with the Lord, and she currently leads worship at Emmanuel.
Her experience has seen many receive the provisions promised in Gods word as they have made the sacrifice of praise. She encourages others to recognize that it is important to put God first, to give Him the glory, and to look beyond their situations. She says “As we praise and worship the Lord despite our circumstances, faith is released in us for God to bring breakthroughs, i.e. miracles, healing and salvation.
Debbie has received personal miracles in her life as she has looked to the Lord and beyond her circumstances, and she love to encourage others to step out in faith and do lifewise.
Her singing gift has been recognized as God’s calling on her life, and she uses it to convey the powerful truth of the gospel.