Peace In The Storm

All fear, anxiety and torment has access to our lives through fear. Fear of losing something, failing at something, fear of not having what it takes. The world teaches us that we need to ‘make’ ourselves, that we are in full charge of our lives, and where we get in life is dependant on our abilities and attitude.

The drawback to this, is when hard times come, and our strength is gone, we have nothing. Fear grips us, anxiety takes over, we look to ourselves to overcome theses things, but we cant. Even the strongest people have a limit. When you come into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, and build your life and your hope on him, you need not fear. ¬†All grounds that these problems come from are no longer existent. You don’t solely rely on your own strength, but know that God is in full control, and no matter what happens, He will bring the best out of it.

Its in Gods hands if you give it to Him, not yours. God tells us countless time in His word ‘Do not fear!, do not be anxious!, do not worry! Isaiah 54:14 says “In righteousness you will be established, You will be far from oppression, for you will not fear, and from terror, for it will not come near to you” When you ground yourself in God, you put your trust in Him. He promises to never leave you, or forsake you. In the story of the two men who built houses, the foolish one built on the foundation of sand (the world, its culture and mentality), the wise man built his on a foundation of rock (God truth). The storm came to both men’s houses, but it was the man who had built his house upon God that came through it. Peace is about having confidence in God, and your life built on Him.